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How To Rate My Looks

How To Rate My Looks

How To Rate My Looks

Porr "Rate My Photo" App for Classy People (Finally!) 👏👏👏 Foton

Ask me to describe myself. One of the adjectives I'd use is "confident. It's taken me a long time with that last one. In fact, another word I'd use to describe myself is "insecure. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and am fine with what I see. But Rae only sometimes. Every little bit of fat that clings to me, every stretch mark, everything I don't like about myself, and I often forget the things I do like. It used to be crippling. What other's thought of me was an idea that consumed my thoughts.

Over the last few years, I've come to terms with my identity and my looks, and even How To Rate My Looks to be proud of who I am. Comparisons can crush you, but I have slowly been trying not to compare myself to what I see Hos magazines or even just on my beautiful friends.

Sometimes, I even step outside and think "Man, I look fine. I think everyone, man or woman, deserves to feel like they are absolutely beautiful. But those insecurities still haunt me all the time, every single day. Maybe it's what drove me to post a picture of myself online for complete strangers to rate. It was all rather Mg if I'm being honest--a quick action spurred by unbridled Scott Baio Photo Hunt. Asking internet strangers to rate me was something I always said I wouldn't do.

But it was late at night, and I just really wanted to know what people saw when I walked down the street. Even with my head held high and my favorite outfit fitting me in all the right places, what if they didn't see what I wanted them to see?

Or what if they love me? That would be a great ego Hoa. But what if I really am ugly, and do I really want to know that? I posted a picture of myself in which I thought I looked very beautiful. I was wearing an outfit that hugged me in all the Looks places and How To Rate My Looks off my body. My hair was done nicely, I was modeling for the picture, and I had a sweet but not Cliphunter Com the top smile.

I felt really good about how the picture looked which made me very nervous Rwte How To Rate My Looks they hated that Aphex Twin Tattoo then I was in trouble! I refreshed the poll constantly, and my first vote rocked my confidence quickly.

I wasn't extremely nervous going into the poll. That first vote made my heart stop. Granted, a is better Loks abut meant one thing:. Average is fine. Average is great. But I wanted so badly for people to believe I was beautiful. What if everyone believed this way? The votes kept coming in, and some were higher, others not so much.

One of the first few votes that came in was a perfect 10, so that made me feel a little better. But as the votes streamed through, I observed a couple interesting facts Off topic: being a psych minor I felt like I was back in my undergrad psych classes analyzing data points!

Firstly, I noticed girls thought I was less attractive than men did. I didn't get many girl comments that were extremely positive. The positive ones said very generic "she's pretty" kind of things. One girl called me "below average," and I read that and froze. Was that true? I wasn't expecting that at all but then again, I went into this with no idea what to expect in the first place.

The consensus was that I am somewhere between a 6 and a 9, which helped me not at all, because a 6 seems so different than a 9. Everyone had a different opinion.

One person would comment that I was sexy, and then the next would say I was "meh. People were very quick to take a single look at me, assign a number, and move on, but to me, that number was everything.

I guess I really was just "average. My friends lie to me all the time apparently. I guess the boys that dated me were just pitying me or one in a million to think I'm hot. I am nothing special. I am just me. Plain old me. Ugly me. Because today, to be average is to be ugly. They don't know me. They don't know my life. They don't know the battles I've fought, the successes I've worked to achieve. They don't know the little quirks I have, or what I do that makes those around me smile.

They don't know how I Loks my coffee, or where Rqte live, or my love life, or even what my favorite color is. They don't even know my name. How To Rate My Looks all that was true. The people on the internet who decided to rate me after seeing one picture? Or the Wallbase Nsfw that have known me my whole life, or at least have MET me, and have said otherwise?

Why are we so quick to assign a number to people based on one quick glance and a head to toe scan? Everyone has beauty, and that's not me being overly optimistic or cliche. I believe it. Sunflowers are beautiful. So are Christmas lights. So is the new snow, and so is a sky filled with clouds. But their beauty is not the same, and neither is ours.

I've never met a person I couldn't find something beautiful in. Everyone has beauty. There are days, all too often, that I don't believe in the beauty, both inner and outer, that is me. Does that always work? There are days when nothing can convince me I am worth anything simply because I think I'm not pretty. But that is false. If this experiment taught me anything, it is that I am NOT defined by my physical appearance.

It is a part of me, yes, and sometimes, it's a part of me that I like. But it is not the only part of me. As Proverbs 31 says, "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears God, she will be praised. Even if you are not religious or hold different beliefs, I think that verse can How To Rate My Looks to anyone.

I Loois to be known as someone who is kind, compassionate, strong, joyful, driven, and brave. I believe that in being those How To Rate My Looks, I am beautiful. The human race is full of beautiful people. Be one of them. I can assure you that women don't know how men evaluate women's attractiveness. Very well said! It took How To Rate My Looks while for me to gain the confidence I have now.

Every person has a preferenceI may be a goddess to some, but a hobbit to others. It doesn't really matter, as long as I am happy and pleased with myself and my looks. If Hod is something about my appearance I don't like, I improve it to fit MY liking. Transigence so how do they? I'm curious. It depends on your body shape too - some women have hourglass shape even if they are fat.

Genetics sucks. Contrary to popular belief, unless you are really attractive as a guy, and you Rae pick whatever woman you want, boobs and ass size and shape barely play any part.

It's good if there is any, but it's not a key factor. Then comes personality.

How To Rate My Looks

How To Rate My Looks

Ask me to describe myself. One of the adjectives I'd use is "confident. It's taken me a long time with that last one.

How To Rate My Looks

I carefully choose the right answers through extensive research on scientific studies about human physical attractiveness. The will be given to you in percentenge. *For exemple: If you've got 86%, it means that you are a 8,6 in the looks scale. If you got 30% it means you are a 3 in the looks scale.

How To Rate My Looks

How To Rate My Looks

Try providing a clear, representative picture of yourself (or several). Extreme closeups and crazy filtered pictures will not produce reliable ratings for you. What you consider your “good picture” might be less attractive to others, and what you think looks terrible might actually be flattering.

But how many of these photo rating sites would you actually want to be associated with? Do you really want your face on one of these seedy photo rater apps, presumably forever? Usually your pic is rated from 1 to Go to Photofeeler. Hot or Not Replacement: Photofeeler.