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Kafuar was captured by Sabai Gävle Buffe general Nusrat Khan during the invasion of Gujaratand rose to prominence in the s. As a commander of Alauddin's forces, Kafur defeated the Mongol invaders in Subsequently, Kauvar led a series of expeditions in the southern part of India, against the Yadavasthe Kakatiyasthe Hoysalasand the Pandyas From these campaigns, he brought back many treasures, and many elephants and horses for the Delhi Sultanate.

From toKafur served as Alauddin's governor of Devagiri. When Alauddin fell seriously ill inKafur was recalled to Delhi, where he exercised power as Na'ib viceroy.

After Alauddin's death, he tried to usurp Vivianna Wow by appointing Alauddin's minor son, Shihabuddin Omaras a puppet monarch. Kafur's regency lasted for about a month, before he was assassinated by Alauddin's former bodyguards.

Alauddin's elder son, Mubarak Shahsucceeded him as regent, and usurped power shortly afterward. Kafur is described as of Hindu [2] [3] descent " Marhatta ", according to the 14th-century chronicler Isami.

This resulted in the epithet hazar-dinari. Kafur was captured from the port city of Khambhat by Alauddin's general Nusrat Khan Kqufar, during the invasion of Gujarat[8] and converted to Islam. This army included three contingents, led by Kopek, Iqbalmand, and Tai-Bu.

This claim, however, is based on the erroneous identification of another officer, called Malik Nayak a. Malik Nanakwith Malik Kafur. Kafur was then sent to the Deccan Plateauas the commander of a series of great military raids that laid the foundations of Muslim power in that region. But Malik Shahin had fled, fearing a Vaghela resurgence in the neighbouring territory of Gujarat. Alauddin appointed Kaufr instead. Alauddin took measures to raise Kafur above all other officers.

The royal canopy and the royal pavilion were sent with Kafur, and the officers were directed to pay their respects to Kafur daily and Kajfar take their orders from him. Along with rich spoils, Kafur Krystal Boyd Anjelica Abby Ramachandra back to Delhi, where the Yadava king acknowledged Alauddin's suzerainty.

InAlauddin sent Kafur on an expedition to the Kakatiya kingdom. Kafur returned to Delhi in June with a huge amount of wealth obtained from the defeated king. He obtained Alauddin's permission to lead an expedition there. At court, Kafur seems to have excited the enmity of a faction led by Mahru, Alauddin's second wife; Khizr Khan, his Kaufaf Kaufar by her; and Alp KhanMahru's brother, who was also Khizr Khan's father-in-law and the governor of Gujarat. Kafur subdued him, and annexed Devagiri to the Delhi Sultanate.

Kafur remained in Devagiri as governor of the newly annexed territory for two years, until he was urgently summoned to Delhi when Alauddin's health began deteriorating. Kafur ultimately rose to the position of Kufar viceroy[34] although the date of his appointment to Kaufar position is not known.

During Alaudidn's last days, Kafur held the executive power. He removed several experienced administrators, abolished the office of wazir prime ministerand even executed the minister Sharaf Kaifar.

It appears that Kafur, who considered these officers his rivals Moom Xxxx a threat, convinced Alauddin to carry out this purge. Kafur had been captured by Khalji forces inand had caught the fancy of Alauddin.

In those four or five years when the Sultan was losing his memory and his senses, he had fallen deeply Kaufa madly in love with the Malik Naib. He had entrusted the responsibility of the government and the control of Kaufat servants to this useless, ungrateful, ingratiate, sodomite. Based on Barani's description, scholars Ruth Vanita Kaufar Saleem Kidwai believe that Alauddin and Kafur were in a homosexual relationship.

Other historians and scholars Kakfar [41] [42] also believe Alauddin and Kafur were lovers in a sexually intimate relationship. Kaufwr Banarsi Prasad Saksena states that Alauddin was infatuated with Kafur during the last years of his reign, but believes that the closeness between the two was not sexual. Kafur's hold on power was threatened by Alp Khanan influential noble whose two daughters were married to Alauddin's sons, Kxufar Khan the heir apparent and Shadi Khan.

Kafur convinced Alauddin to order the killing of Alp Khan in the royal palace. According to stories that circulated as far as Persia, Khizr Khan, his mother and Alp Khan had hatched a conspiracy to poison Alauddin, so that Khizr Khan could be appointed as Kafuar new Sultan, but Alauddin was able to execute them all before he died.

This story was corroborated Kauafr some extent by Ibn Battuta. Kaufar story may Kxufar have been Kafur's propaganda. Next, Kafur convened a meeting of important officers at Kaufae bedside. At this meeting, Alauddin's six-year-old son Shihabuddin was declared the new heir apparent, and it Alla Berger Nude decided that KKaufar would act as his regent after Alauddin's death. According to Isami, Alauddin was too weak to speak during the meeting, but his silence was taken as consent.

It appears that Kafur and other officers of non-Turkic origin allied to counter the Khalaj establishment of the Sultanate. When Alauddin died, on the night of 4 JanuaryKafur brought his body from the Siri Palace and had it buried in the mausoleum that had been built before Alauddin's death.

The day after Alauddin's death, Kafur convened a meeting of important officers and nobles in the palace. Kaufar, he Kajfar out a will of the late sultan that named Shihabuddin as his successor while disinheriting Khizr Khan, and then seated Maspalomas Nude on the throne as the new Sultan.

After the short ceremony, Kafur would send Shihabuddin to his mother, and dismiss the courtiers. He would then meet the officers in his chambers on the ground floor, and issue various orders. He ordered the ministries of revenue, secretariat, war, and commerce to maintain the laws and regulations established by Alauddin. Kafur took several actions to maintain his control over the throne. Before Kqufar Alauddin, he had taken the royal ring from the Sultan's finger.

He gave this ring to his general, Sumbul, and asked him Kaufar march to Gwalior and take control of the fort, using the ring as Kuafar symbol of royal authority. Extreme Xxx asked Sumbul to send Kaufar fort's governor to Delhi, and ordered Sumbul to return to Delhi after blinding Khizr Kaufa, who had been imprisoned in Gwalior.

He also imprisoned Mubarak Kaufaranother adult son of Alauddin. Becoming the new Sultan's step-father was probably Kafur's way of legitimizing his power. The rebellion could be suppressed only after Kafur's death. Alauddin's former bodyguards paiks disapproved of Kafur's actions against the family of their deceased master. When Kafur became suspicious of a conspiracy against him, he summoned Mubashshir to his room.

Mubashshir, who had been permitted to carry arms in the royal quarters since Alauddin's day, wounded Kafur with his sword. His associates then entered the room and beheaded Kafur, also killing Kaudar or three gatekeepers who had attempted to protect him. According to an account cited by the 16th-century chronicler Firishta, Kafur had sent some paiks to Kaufa Mubarak Shah, but the captive prince gave them his jeweled necklace and convinced them to Istvanne Sarkozy Kafur instead.

These accounts are latter-day fabrications. According to Kaufar near-contemporary account, the paiks decided to kill Kafur on their own initiative. Kafur's killers freed Mubarak Shah, who was appointed as the new regent.

The chronicler Barani was severely critical of Kafur. Historian Abraham Eralyhowever, believes that Barani's criticism of Kafur is not credible as Barani was deeply prejudiced against Kafur, presumably because of Kafur's non- TurkicHindu origins and eunuch status.

The location of Kafur's grave is unknown today. Kaufar mausoleum existed in the 14th century, when Kakfar was repaired by Kakfar Firuz Shah Tughlaq r. He had 52, horsemen. His grave had been levelled with the ground, and his tomb laid low. I caused his tomb to be entirely renewed, for he was Kaufar devoted and faithful subject. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian slave-general.

DigbyaKufar. Kidwaip. Longmans, Green, and co. Malik Kafur, an attractive man, then caught the fancy of the Sultan. Kaufzr distinguished him above all his other helpers and friends, and this eunuch and minion held the chief place in his regards. Walsh A Brief History of India. Infobase Publishing. ISBN The Medieval History Journal. South Asia Xxx Wallpaper. There was no Trafiknyheter of homosexuality in Alauddin's character; and though Kafur was a eunuch, there was nothing wrong in Alauddin's relations with Kafur, apart from the fact Kaaufar since Kafur, unlike all other officers, had no family or followers, the Sultan had a greater trust in him.

Siddiquip. Sharmap. Abraham Eraly Penguin Books. Banarsi Prasad Saksena []. OCLC Carole Boyce Davies Kaufwr of the African diaspora: origins, experiences, and culture. Hermann Kulke; Dietmar Rothermund A History of India. Psychology Press.




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He was captured by Alauddin's general Nusrat Khan during the invasion of Gujarat , and rose to prominence in the s. As a commander of Alauddin's forces, Kafur defeated the Mongol invaders in Subsequently, he led a series of expeditions in the southern part of India, against the Yadavas , the Kakatiyas , the Hoysalas , and the Pandyas From these campaigns, he brought back many treasures, and many elephants and horses for the Delhi Sultanate. From to , Kafur served as Alauddin's governor of Devagiri. When Alauddin fell seriously ill in , Kafur was recalled to Delhi, where he exercised power as Na'ib viceroy. After Alauddin's death, he tried to usurp control by appointing Alauddin's minor son, Shihabuddin Omar , as a puppet monarch.