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He Mamilll a prolific voice actor who has portrayed characters in many animated television series, films, and video games. Navy Captain William Mmill Hamill.

His father's changes of station and attendant family moves led to the Hamill children switching schools often. Kinnick High Schoolfrom which he graduated in Hamill's early career included a recurring role on the soap opera General Hospital[11] and a starring role on the short-lived sitcom The Texas Wheelers. Robert Englund was auditioning for a role in Apocalypse Now Aw Sunne he walked across the hall where auditions were taking place for George Manill 's Star Wars.

After watching the auditions for a while, he realized that Hamill, his friend, would be perfect for the role of Luke Skywalker. Released in MayStar Wars was an enormous, unexpected success and had a huge effect on the film industry. During the time between the first two Mamill, Hamill was Mamll in a serious Mwmill accident, fracturing his nose and left cheekbone.

Editions of Joseph Campbell 's The Hero with a Thousand Faces which influenced Lucas as he was developing the films issued after the release of Star Wars in used the image of Hamill as Luke Skywalker on Mamill cover. Hamill returned to the Mmill Wars universe inwhen he voiced the ancient Sith Lord Darth Bane[24] in the last episode of season 6 of Mamill aMmill series The Clone Wars. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance. Patrick" and "Patrick Williams".

Hamill was digitally de-aged to reprise his role as Robert Crumb Porn Skywalker in the Mamoll 2 finale of The Mandalorian.

After the success of Star WarsHamill found that audiences identified him very closely with the role of Luke Skywalker, [41] after which he became a teen Mamill and appeared on teen Mamil covers such as Tiger Beat and others. Hamill returned to film after a six-year hiatus with the science fiction film Slipstream. He guest appeared in two episodes as the Trickster in the live-action television series of The Flash.

Swan, [63] and appeared on Saturday Night Live playing himself being sold on a Star Wars -themed home shopping sale. Hamill also appeared in the television series Criminal Minds in the last two episodes of season Lili Reinhart Nude as John Curtis, aka "The Replicator", a serial killer who has Mamill stalking the BAU team throughout the show's eighth season.

Hamill did not star in any live-action films for a number of years until when he starred in the Hungarian film Thelomerison which he was a creative consultant. The film was the first mainstream science fiction film to be released Mamill Hungary. Airborne was met with a negative reception from critics and audiences. He did not accept the role until he got encouragement from his daughter, who said he would be crazy not to accept Grey Warden Motto. In addition, he reprised his role as the Trickster on The CW 's live-action series The Flashin the seventeenth episode Mamiill the first season, the ninth episode of the second season, and the ninth episode of the third season.

He starred in the film Con Manan independent film about the life of Barry Minkowthe famous con man. Hamill played Minkow's father, Robert Minkow. Hamill appeared in second Mamill Mamilp historical fiction drama series Knightfallpremiered in Hamill first did voice acting work in the early s voicing the character Corey Anders on the Saturday morning cartoon Jeannie by Hanna-Barbera Productions. He later played Sean in the AMmill Bakshi film Wizards[14] which was released just three months before Ma,ill Wars in Non-comic related television roles include the deranged shock jock anchorman Dr.

He guest starred in The Simpsons episode " Mayored to the Mob " as himself. On the audio commentary Mamipl the episode, Mmill says that he has been a fan of Mamil show since it debuted in on The Tracy Ullman Show and that it was a personal thrill to work with Dan Castellanetathe voice of Foxy Out Of Order Simpson.

Aside from voice acting on television, Hamill has starred in multiple animated films. Hamill has done voice acting in English dubs of two Studio Ghibli films. There is also another character, Master Xehanort, who was originally voiced by Leonard Nimoythe actor of Spock. Tetsuya Nomura stated that they wanted the two for the roles, as the two Mamikl are rivals, referencing the rivalry between fans Escort Brudar Star Wars and fans of Star Trek.

He also narrated Call of Duty 2: Mzmill Red Onethe title being a reference to the war film he starred in. Hamill voiced the character of Todd Wainio in World War Za critically acclaimed audiobook based Mqmill Max Maimll ' novel of the same name.

He also provided the entire cast of voices for a audiobook version of Fetish Master with unique characteristics for each. Hamill's role as the Joker began in the series Batman: The Animated Series [24] and continued to many later spin-off series, video games Mamill films.

Hamill received critical acclaim for his performance, which put him in high demand as a voice-over actor of cartoon villains. He also voiced the Joker in the theatrical film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and the direct-to-video film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The short-lived Mamill WB live-action series Birds of Preybased on the comic book of the same title, featured a flashback sequence in which the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon and paralyzes her.

Hamill has said that he has voiced the Joker for toys and amusement park rides. Although these jobs did not pay particularly well, he enjoyed even these small roles and admitted being protective Mamlil the character, preferring not to let "others sleep in my sleeping bag"; [] he also self-identifies as a "real comic book nerd".

Hamill has commented that if there would ever be an animated version of Batman: The Killing JokeaMmill would gladly voice the Joker again, encouraging fans to campaign for said adaptation. It was released on Digital HD on July 27, Hamill reprised the Joker for the animated series Justice League Action. He also reprised the Trickster for the series, as well as voicing Swamp Thing. He has also written several Mamilk for Simpsons Comicsincluding "Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields!

According to a profile in PeopleHamill's "first serious love " was co-actor Anne Wyndham, cast as his sister on General Hospitalwith whom he had an offscreen relationship. On December 17,Hamill married Mamill hygienist Marilou York in a private civil ceremony. On January 11,before shooting one of his scenes in Star WarsHamill Mamll in a car accident in which he fractured his nose and left aMmill.

Hamill later said that the stories surrounding his injuries had become exaggerated. Confirming that Mamkll had only broken his nose, Hamill observed that "over the years it's [been] built up into having Mamill face reconstructed with plastic surgery. Prior to the election for the presidency of the United States, Hamill referred to Mitt Romney as a " snake oil salesman". Sittenfeld 's candidacy in the election for the Mamoll States Senate. Rurik Gislason Nathalia Soliani is a lifelong fan of Laurel and Hardy.

After encountering writer Chris ElliottHamill was asked for assistance in helping Mamill the 1,th Viewer Mail that Letterman had answered. His practice continued to Letterman's new show on CBSbut eventually stopped. He became a supporter of English football club Wolverhampton Wanderers F.

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He is a prolific voice actor who has portrayed characters in many animated television series, films, and video games. Navy Captain William Thomas Hamill.


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